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15 March 1989
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Hey, I'm Andra. I'm 22. I like to read a lot, watch movies and tv shows, listen to music on my mp3 player. My friends are very important to me. My biggest obsessions are Supernatural, House, Jensen Ackles, Harry Potter and Stephen King.
I tend to babble a lot about my fandoms (especially tv shows), about my life and friends and of course about school (which is keeping me so busy)

I love to travel. So far I've been to Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland. Vienna is my favorite city. I'd love to travel to Italy and visit Rome (I find it the most beautiful city in the world) and I'd also love to visit USA (California, Vegas, New York) and Japan. Just give me a ticket around the world and I'm happy hehe.

I'm a student at Faculty Of Letters: English-French (third language - Italian). I love it so far! I learn how to improve my communication skills, how to pronounce the words right (Phonetics), Lexicology, Grammar and about literature and life in UK, USA and France.
Yes I love foreign languages and I'm always eager to learn more of them.
I recently had the opportunity to study abroad. I have lived and studied for 5 months in Dijon, France. I had the time of my life! Met so many people from other countries, made friends, studied and travelled.

I love chocolate, animals, nature and shopping. I am extroverted, but I like to spend some quality time alone as well. I like clubbing, partying, hanging out with my friends and taking pictures.


Supernatural, House, Dark Angel, Heroes, Survivor, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, NCIS, Lost, Scrubs, Alias, The Vampire Diaries, Private Practice

Dean/Impala, Sam/Ruby, Gaius/Six, Edward/Bella, Mere/Derek, House/Cameron, Ron/Hermione, Sydney/Vaughn, Turk/Carla, J.D./Elliot, Desmond/Penny, Michael/Sara, Keller/Ronon, Jim/Pam, Max/Logan, Jack/Sam, Abby/McGee

Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Placebo, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Oasis, Prodigy, The Cure,
The Chemical Brothers, The Killers, Faithless, Daft Punk, Bloc Party

Lord Of The Rings, The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine, The Shawshank Redemption, Memento, Casino Royale, American History X, Forrest Gump, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Harry Potter, The Green Mile, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Requiem For A Dream

Jensen Ackles, Johhny Depp, Jake Gylenhall, Heath Ledger (R.I.P),Hugh Laurie, Clive Owen, Jared Padalecki, Morgan Freeman, Christian Bale, Patrick Dempsey, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Jessica Alba, Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet, Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Adam Sandler, Milo Ventiglimia

Dreamcatcher, Salem's Lot, The Stand, Shining, IT, Harry Potter, Lunar Park, Everything Is Illuminated, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, Twilight, Lord Of The Rings, Shopaholic series, Dark Angel series, Trainspotting, Filth, Glamorama

Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Bret Easton Ellis, John Saul, Jonathan Safran Foer, Sophie Kinsella, Stephenie Meyer, J.R.R Tolkien, Irvine Welsh

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